Bifocal Lenses

If you’re past 40, you’re more than likely going to start experiencing or have started to realize vision deterioration. At first, the change seems minimal. It may become a bit harder to read at night. Next, it becomes harder to read in general. So, you opt for reading glasses – the kind you find in a grocery store near the pharmacist. It works for a while, but even then the obvious becomes apparent: your eyes are aging as well. Eventually, the same is confirmed with an eye exam. Bifocals are a classic solution to this issue. At Christensen Eyecare, we have provided residents of Dodge City, KS, with bifocals for many years.

Bifocal Lenses

How Early Bifocals Came About

Bifocal lenses provide the ideal situation that allows what most people have: good vision at any distance. Bifocals date back to Benjamin Franklin, who is credited with their invention. In those days, they didn’t have fusing or special equipment, so Franklin carefully cut two types of glass and glued them together. The result was a set of eyeglasses that allowed him to read clearly but see just fine at a distance as well.

Modern Options

Today’s bifocal lenses available from our Dodge City, KS, optometrist are a lot more advanced than those in the time of our founding fathers. The most common lens prescribed by an optometrist involves what is known as a flat-top bifocal. Unlike single-lens glasses that are all one type of focus or another, bifocals allow two different types of vision without having to take them off repeatedly. The beauty of these modern bifocals available through an eye doctor is that the transition from one vision to the next is seamless without any abrupt or irritating border between the sections of the lenses.

A Local Eye Doctor Option in Dodge City, KS

If you think it’s time to help your vision, or you want to try bifocals for a change instead of single-lens glasses, then give us a call or visit us at Christensen Eye Care. We’d be glad to help with an eye exam, confirmation of your exact prescription and then the styles that work best for your fit and comfort as well as look preference, even for sports vision! Call us today at (620) 227-5433 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist. 

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