• Choosing the Right Glasses
    After you decide you want eyeglasses to correct your vision, it's then time to choose your frames. Many people worry about choosing a pair that will look great, but there Read more
  • Sports Eye Safety
    Organized sports are a great way to stay in shape and spend time with friends. It is very important, though, that you protect your eyes during these types of activities. Read more
  • Top Causes of Dry Eye
    If you have ever experienced dry eye, you know how irritating and even painful it can be. There are many ways that dry eye can develop. At Christensen Eye Care Read more
  • Is LASIK Right for You?
    With the popularity of contact lenses and other measures to correct vision on the rise, traditional glasses appear to nearly be a thing of the past in Dodge City, KS. Read more
  • Treatments for Dry eye
    Treatments for Dry Eyes There are a lot of things that can cause your eyes to be dry. But when the reason is a chronic condition, there may seem like there Read more
  • Cataract Post Operation
    Cataract Post Operation Care with An Optometrist Is Essential to a Good Recovery Dr. Christensen is a highly qualified optometrist who provides excellent professional services to all of our patients at Read more
  • Public Health Advisory-Online vision tests
    AOA Public Health Advisory on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Announcement of the Opternative/Visibly Online Vision Test Recall Federal enforcement action: Based on a finding by the FDA, Visibly's (formerly Read more
  • Lasik Post Operation
    Lasik is a laser surgical procedure that can correct your refractive error. After having Lasik surgery, you will no longer need to rely on glasses or contact lenses to see Read more

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