Blurry Vision

Blurry vision can be very disruptive to your daily activities. At Christensen Eye Care in Dodge City, clear vision is what Dr. Christensen specializes in. We want your vision to be crystal clear and we will do the necessary testing to determine why you are suffering from blurry vision.

Blurry Vision

Causes of Blurry Vision

When you are suffering from blurry vision, you may assume it is because it is time for a new prescription for your glasses, but there are many other reasons why you could be suffering from blurry vision. It is important to visit an optometrist to get a correct diagnosis. Some of the more common causes of blurry vision include:

  • near-sightedness or far-sightedness
  • age-related macular degeneration
  • presbyopia-age related focusing issues
  • cataracts
  • glaucoma
  • dry eyes
  • damage to the cornea
  • astigmatism
  • eye infections
  • retinal issues such as diabetic retinopathy
  • eye injuries

Beyond just these eye conditions, blurry vision can be caused by a variety of illnesses. These include migraines, diabetes, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, head injury, psoriasis, brain tumor, Parkinson's Disease, and multiple sclerosis. If your blurry vision is accompanied by dizziness, loss of balance, a droopy face, numbness in one arm, or slurred speech, it is imperative to get immediate urgent care.

Treatment for Blurry Vision

Our optometrist will perform some tests to determine the cause of your blurry vision. The normal vision tests will be done and if an illness is suspected a blood test may be requested. It is important to realize that a gradual onset is different from a sudden onset of blurry vision. Both require that you see your eye doctor but sudden onset may be caused by a more acute condition.

If you have diabetes, a condition called diabetic retinopathy may be the cause. This condition can lead to blindness and it is something that needs to be addressed as early as possible to limit the damage. If treatment is required, it is usually in the form of surgery or laser treatment.

Getting a regular eye exam every year or two can help. Any conditions are diagnosed early and help keep your prescription for glasses or contacts up to date. It doesn't cure blurry vision, but it certainly gives you the best chance of having a positive outcome.

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