Cataracts are a very common condition of the eye. They are caused when your eye's natural lens becomes cloudy, causing vision problems and other symptoms. Fortunately, our team at Christensen Eye Care in Dodge City can treat the condition, helping you to see better.


Who Is At Risk For Cataracts?

Although anyone can develop cataracts, some factors can increase your risk of developing the condition.

  • The older you get, the higher your chances are of getting this condition.
  • Having diabetes
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Being a smoker
  • Being a heavy drinker
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight without protection
  • Previous eye injuries or surgery
  • Being on corticosteroid medication for an extended period

Symptoms of Cataracts

In the early stages, you might not experience any symptoms at all. Over time, you can begin to experience the following:

  • Cloudy vision that makes it seem like you are looking out of a dirty window
  • Seeing halos around lights
  • Trouble seeing at night
  • Sensitivity to glare and light
  • Needing brighter lights for closeup work
  • Yellowing or fading of colors
  • Double vision
  • Needing to change your prescription frequently

Diagnosing Cataracts

Cataracts can be detected during your annual eye exam. Our optometrist will perform a visual acuity test to determine if your vision has gotten worse since your last visit. Next, we will perform a slit-lamp exam, which allows the eye doctor to get a good look at your eyes using light and magnification. Finally, we will dilate your eyes so we can get a good look at your retina.

Cataracts Treatment

In the early stages, our doctor will increase your prescription, helping you to see better. As the condition progresses, our eye doctor may suggest surgery. Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed at a hospital or surgical center. During the procedure, you would remain awake, but your eye doctor will give you something to help you relax.

During the surgery, the eye doctor will remove your old, clouded lens, and replace it with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens. The artificial lens that the eye doctor chooses is based on your refractive error. It can take a few weeks after surgery for your vision to stabilize.

Cataract Treatment and Eye Care in Dodge City, KS

If you are experiencing the symptoms of cataracts, call Christensen Eye Care today at (620) 227-5433 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christensen. Our doctor of optometry will check your vision and create a treatment plan if it is needed.

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