Diabetic Eye Exams

Christensen EYE CARE Can Provide All of Your Diabetic Eye Exams and Treatment in Dodge City

Christensen Eyecare treats patients from Dodge City, KS, who has been diagnosed with diabetes. We know how important regular eye exams are for everyone, and how vital regular check-ups are for those with diabetes. It is recommended that if you have been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes to set up an eye appointment at your earliest convenience, and if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you need this initial exam immediately.  

Christensen Eyecare Can Provide All of Your Diabetic Eye Exams and Treatment in Dodge City

Frequently Asked Questions about Diabetic Eye Exams 

    • Why is it so vital for people with type 2 diabetes to have regular eye exams? Diabetes, type 2 in particular, affects all the body's systems, including the fragile veins in the eyes. Chronic high blood sugar damages blood vessels in the eye, causing them to leak, and in turn damaging the retina. Diabetes related damage is the leading cause of blindness in the United States, and those suffering from the disease should have their eyes checked often.
    • What happens during a diabetic eye exam? This exam is just like a regular comprehensive eye exam, but with further exams to the retina to check for diabetes related damage. The exam is painless and over quickly. 
    • What if I am diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy? If you are diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, your treatment will depend on the stage and severity of the condition. We will provide a treatment plan with the goal of slowing or even halting your eye damage from progressing. This may include prescription medication, laser surgery, other eye surgery, or other treatment options. 
    • What are some symptoms of diabetic eye problems?  If you have any unusual eye symptoms at all, you should have a checkup whether you have diabetes or not. Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy include blurring, pain, floaters, and disturbances at the edges of your vision, but you can have the disease with no symptoms at first. 

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Call us at Christensen Eye if you are in need of a diabetic eye exam or regular eye exam. We serve patients in and around Dodge City, KS, with quality eye care in a friendly and caring environment. Call us today to schedule an appointment, (620) 227-5433.

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