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It is important to maintain good vision, especially if you play sports. If you are an athlete, you more than likely have a keen interest in sports vision. We have put together a list of questions and answers here at Christensen Eye Care in Dodge City, KS to help you learn more about how sports vision can enhance your athletic performance.

What is Sports Vision?

Sports vision refers to skills such as eye-tracking, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, and many others. Athletes can improve these skills via sports training to enhance their on-field performance.

Sports vision training is used to optimize the following visual skills for athletic performance:

  • Eye-tracking: The ability to follow moving objects
  • Contrast sensitivity: The ability to differentiate between dark and light
  • Ocular alignment: Determining how well your eyes work together
  • Depth perception: The ability to tell the distance of objects within your field of vision
  • Hand-eye coordination: The ability of your hands and eyes to work together during a performance
  • Visual processing: The ability to quickly react to visual stimulation developing around you

These skills can be improved via training and visual exercises. Our eye doctor may recommend certain eyewear and other eye gear to help improve your visual abilities.

Why is Sports Vision Important?

Athletes have a great chance of improving their sports vision skills thus improving their performance. This also helps to give athletes an edge over their competition. Athletes become even more valuable to their team just by simply improving their visual skills.

How can I Improve My Sports Vision?

The first thing you will need to do to improve your sports vision is to take a few different vision tests. The tests given for sports vision are more in-depth than traditional eye exams. Our optometrist will be able to determine the type of eye gear or training you will need based on the results of these tests.

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No matter your skill level, you can take advantage of sports vision to improve your athletic performance. At Christensen Eyecare, we have been providing residents of Dodge City, KS with reliable optometry services for many years including sports vision testing. Call us today at (620) 227-5433 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. 

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